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SOCAN -  TU M’AIMES QUAND MÊME, honored by Socan (one of the most performed Francophone songs in Quebec in 2010).



ADISQ – J’T’AIME PAS, J’T’ADORE , nomination for the Most Popular Song of the Year



ADISQ – nomination for Best Popular Album of the year – Imaginaire



ADISQ – Winner of the Felix “Male artist of the year”


ADISQ , nomination for Best Anglophone Album of the Year “Storyteller”



ADISQ- nomination for Male Artist of the Year


ADISQ,  CHANSON POUR MARIE, nomination for the Most popular song of the year



ADISQ – Winner of the Felix « Male artist of the year »


ADISQ, nomination for Best Popular Album of the year “Nous serons six milliards”



ADISQ – “Silver Certification ticket” for 25,000 tickets sold of the show “Nous serons six milliards”



ADISQ – Price recognition to underline the presence of the album “J’t’aime tout court” on the Quebec sales chart during more than 100 weeks.



CRIA – “Gold Record Certification”  for 50,000 albums sold of the album “Nous serons six milliards”



ADISQ – “Silver Certification ticket” for 25,000 tickets sold of the show “J’t’aime tout court”



Gala de l'ADISQ, nomination for Best Male Singer of the Year.



Juno Awards, nomination for French-speaking Album of the year for “J’t’aime tout court”



ADISQ, J’T’AIME TOUT COURT,winner for the Most Popular song of the year

                                                                                          ADISQ, nomination for Male artist of the year

ADiSQ, nomination for Best Popular Album of the year

ADISQ, nomination for Script Show Writer of the Year



CRIA – “Platinum Record Certification” for 100,000 albums sold of “J’t’aime tout court”



CRIA – “Gold Record Certification” for 50,000 albums sold of “J’t’aime tout court”



Juno Awards, nomination for Best Selling Francophone Album



Juno Awards, nomination for  Male Artist of the Year



CRIA – “Gold Record Certification” for 50,000 albums sold of “ l’Opéra du mendiant”



Gala de l'ADISQ, nomination for Best New Artist of the Year

Gala de l'ADISQ, nomination for Male Artist of the year

Gala de l'ADISQ, nomination for  Most Popular Song of the Year : Le Menteur

Gala de l'ADISQ, nomination for Best Pop-Rock Album of the Year- L'Opéra du mendiant



Nicola Ciccone, a Canadian songwriter. He has sold over 700 000 albums in his career and has had 30 number one hits. His first songs were written in English at the age of twelve and later in Italian, French and Spanish. In 1998,  he won  Ma Première Place des Arts contest  and immediately picked up his first record contract.



While studying child psychology at McGill University and the University of Montréal, Nicola launched his first album, L'Opéra du mendiant, in 1999.  It was an instant success. Not only did the album receive exceptional critical acclaim, but it also sold 60,000 copies.



Four releases from his first album reached number 1 on Québec radio station hit parades. The singer/songwriter also received four nominations at the 2000 ADISQ Ceremony and two nominations at the Juno Awards in 2001 (“Male Artist of the Year” and ”Best Selling Francophone album”) . After the release of his first album, Nicola took to the stage, two highly-acclaimed tours across Quebec. The grand premiere of his very first show in Montreal was in August 2000. Ciccone’s talent  exploded on stage, revealing a complete artist.



As a versatile artist, Nicola isn’t afraid to explore other musical channels. At the 2001 Montreal Jazz Festival, he put together a show in English that covered the greatest blues classics. 



In September 2001, Nicola Ciccone released his 2nd album, Noctambule, which not only confirmed his great talent as a singer/songwriter, but also as a producer.The album has more of a rock sound and features eleven songs that tell the story of one character’s night-time journey.



Nicola Ciccone’s third album, J’t’aime tout court was released on October 7, 2003.  The title song was an instant hit.  Week after week, the song remained no. 1 on radio stations hit parades.  By  the fall of 2004, the album had sold over 100 000 copies.  The record company Universal France signed an agreement to release Nicola Ciccone’s album in Europe. 



On October 31, 2004, Nicola won his first Felix trophy at the ADISQ Gala, “Song of the year”  with J’t’aime tout court. . He was also nominated for “Male Artist of the year”, “Pop Album of the year” and “Show scripter of the year”.



In 2005, Nicola Ciccone was once more nominated at the Juno Awards.  Less than 3 months after the release in France, Isabelle Boulay invited Nicola to be the opening act of her show at the prestigious Olympia de Paris. 


On May 7, Nicola performed at the Bell Center  to a sold out crowd and gave more than 100 shows of the J’t’aime tout court tour across Quebec.  His album sold over 200 000 copies and for the second time, on November 18, 2005 he performed at the Bell Center.


In 2006,  the ADISQ gave Nicola Ciccone the Prize of Recognition to underline the presence of the album  J’t’aime tout court  during more than 100 straight weeks on the French sales charts in Quebec.  


In April 2006, Nicola began the recording of his 4th album entitled Nous serons six milliards. A first single quickly made its way to the top of the radio charts, the powerful song Nous serons six milliards. Released October 3, 2006, the album reached 100.000 copies and another Platinum Record Certification.


 On February 9, 2007, Nicola Ciccone began another impressive tour of more than 100 shows and got great critical acclaim.


After big radio success with the first  5 singles, all #1 radio hits,  Nous serons six milliards ,Trésor,  Mio Amore, Chanson pour Marie,  Un ami, Nicola Ciccone was chosen as  “Male artist of the year” at ADISQ 2007 . His album Nous serons six milliards was also in nomination for ”Best Popular Album of the year”.


Following his four previous albums, l'Opéra du mendiant, Noctambule, J't'aime tout court and  Nous serons six milliards, which have successfully sold in the hundreds of thousands, the singer-songwriter released his first English album Storyteller in September 2008.  The album immediately  received many accolades and produced FOUR top 10 hits on radio charts.


October 2008, Nicola earned  two nominations at ADISQ 2008, in the categories “Male Artist of the Year” and  “Most Popular Song of the Year” with Chanson pour Marie.


November 2009, Nicola was chosen by the public , for the second time, as “Male Artist of the Year”. The album Storyteller was also nominated in the category “Best Anglophone Album of the Year”.


During the « Storyteller » tour which ran between November 2008 and december 2009, Nicola gave over 80 shows, offering his public the opportunity to discover his new English songs.


With many ideas, he continues writing in English, French and Italian. The language always influenced by his characters and his stories.


March 2010, Nicola Ciccone releases his new French album Imaginaire. Nicola earned two nominations at ADISQ 2010, in the categorie « Best Popular Album of the year » and at ADISQ 2011, « Most Popular Song of the Year » with J't'aime pas, J't'adore.

Four songs from Imaginaire we're top 10 radio hits. In addition, the song Tu m'aimes quand même won a Socan Award. The tour for Imaginaire lasted over 2 years and was composed of close to 100 shows.

October 2012, Nicola Ciccone releases is 7th album, Pour Toi. The first single is accompanied by a video filmed on the Pont des Arts in Paris and portrays a ritual based on the lovelocks. Both the song and the video immediately reach the top of the charts.

Begining of 2013, Nicola Ciccone will start an important new tour of shows.


In February 2013, after writing close to 100 songs for his seven albums,  Nicola published his first book L’Étoile enfant in which he told the story of Bellatrix, a star who wants to travel to earth to discover the power of love, friendship, passion, courage and faith. To do so, Bellatrix must become Bella, a little girl who discovers the beauty and sadness of life. The book is a philosophical work on the basic values of life and the secret of happiness. Nicola also illustrates this story with 11 beautiful drawings he painted himself. The book was acclaimed by both critics and the public.


Sping of 2013, Nicola Ciccone started the Pour Toi tour, giving a sold out show at the prestigious Théatre Maisonneuve de la place des arts in Montréal. Many shows followed, including the encore during the Francofolies of 2013 in the same hall.


October 8 2013, Nicola released his first Italian album entitled Il Sognatore, meaning the dreamer. The project deals with such thematics as identity, immigration, heritage, parenthood, nostalgia and of course romance. Considering Nicola's italian roots, each song his moving in both its lyrics and interpretation.



June 2014, Nicola releases his 100 song entitled SOURIRE. It is the first song of his Greatest hits record “Les Incontournables 1999-2014”. The album will be released on November 4th. This 9th album demonstrates the magnitude and breadth of his15-year career. The double album features 31 radio hit songs from his repertoire.

Since then, he has released the musical albums Esprit Libre in 2016, Immortelles in 2017, Le long Chemin in 2019 and Gratitude in 2021. He has also published three books Étoile enfant in 2013, Dans les yeux Ophélia in 2015 and Cuore in 2017.

In November 2022, Nicola released his 14th record, L’esprit de Noël. The album consist of 12 songs, both originals and Christmas classics. On this project, Nicola signs in English, French and Italian. An important tour followed across the country. The album is meant to bring us closer together and remind us of the true spirit of Christmas.

March 29, 2024, J’t’ai trouvée, j’te garde, Nicola Ciccone’s 15th album celebrating his 25 year career, was officially released on all digital platforms. 2023 has proven to be a great source of inspiration for the singer-songwriter, who offers on J’t’ai trouvée, j’te garde, twelve original songs in French and Italian. The popular artist has an impressive number of radio hits to his name, several platinum and gold records, he has given thousands of shows across Canada and Europe as well as winning several Félix awards.

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